Saturday, December 30, 2006

Liz's Books 2008

31. The Magician's Nephew
C.S. Lewis
30. The Little Pink Book of Etiquette
Ruth Cullen
29. Coraline
Neil Gaiman
28. The Pleasure of my Company
Steve Martin
27. Shopgirl
Steve Martin
26. Paper Money
Ken Follett
25. The Bride of Stone
Thomas Williams
24. Angels and Demons
by Dan Brown
23. Good to Great
by Jim Collins
22. Being A Christian With Being An Idiot
by Brad Stine
21. Mystery of the Desert Giant
by Franklin W. Dixon
20. The Lost Princess of Oz
by Frank Baum
19. The Great Brain
by John D. Fitzgerald
18. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
by Frank Baum
17. Just So Stories
by Rudyard Kipling
16. The Nanny Diaries
by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus
15. Monk and the Two Assistants
by Lee Goldberg
14. As I Lay Dying
by William Faulkner
13. A Ship Made of Paper
By Scott Spencer
12. Drowning Ruth
by Christina Schwarz
11. The Last Battle
By C.S. Lewis
10. Coachella
By Shelia Ortiz-Taylor
9. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
By C.S. Lewis
8. The Power and the Glory
By Graham Greene
7. In Her Shoes
By Jennifer Weiner
6. The Autobiography of George Muller
By George Muller
5. A Farewell to Arms
By Ernest Hemingway
4. Talk to the Hand
By Lynne Truss
3. Mere Christianity
By C. S. Lewis
2. The Elements of Style
By William Strunk JR. and E.B. White
1. The Captain and His Enemy
By Graham Greene

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