Monday, March 10, 2008

The Autobiography of George Muller by George Muller

"Our goal is to show the World and the Church that even in these last evil days, God is ready to help, comfort, and answers the prayers of those who trust in Him." George Muller

While this is an Autobiography, it is very specific to the Scriptural Knowledge Institution for Home and Abroad. The entire book, with the exception of the introduction is diary excerpts, which doesn't lend itself to interesting reading.

It is written like a diary and very matter of fact, Muller believed firmly in God and held to his beliefs no matter how difficult.Muller gives several speeches where he imparts wisdom, giving his advice and Scriptural insight on such things as time management, sleeping habits, effective Christian living, God's calling, and stewardship.

Muller had a unique calling from God, and he recognized this. He never tried to push this on other people, but did show them God's demand to trust Him. He was incredibly considerate, often turning down money or services if he felt they would be a burden to those providing them.Muller had a very specific purpose for the orphanages he started, and never deviated from that purpose. One great aspect of Muller was his love for the children, calling them "Dear Orphans", and spending many nights in prayer for their souls. He was very conscience of the need for more children to have care and that they have Godly caretakers.

Muller never moved forward without lots of prayer, and not without confirmation that God wanted him to care for more orphans. God typically provided for their needs on the daily basis, however during the building of the first orphanage, they were never without, and within two year God brought them 9,285 pounds for the new orphanage. One of the orphans gave six pence of his own.

I thought the book was an interesting character study, but not interesting to read. It seems like a good book to have school children read.


Nihil Novum said...

Kudows on the fust biogayfee!

Carlton said...

I guess this would be a good book to have school children read. It depends, what were they being punished for doing?

aart hilal said...

You will love this!

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Aart, are you a fan of George Muller?

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Who isn't?