Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ant Farm by Simon Rich

Ant Farm and other desperate situations is a collection of humorous mini-essays that Rich originally published in The New Yorker. They range from "if life were like middle school" to "sultan of brunei" to "a conversation between god and the man in the football helmet and a speedo who's always shouting things next to the a & p."

when small talk goes wrong:
--Hey, you look familiar. Have we met?
--Oh my God, I've gained so much weight that you don't even recognize me. This is the single most humiliating experience of my life. We dated for seven years.

It's really short and it's really funny. That's about all there is to it. John Stewart says it's "hilarious," so it must be. Actually, I had to force myself to stop reading it on the bus because I kept giggling and then feeling all self-conscious. It's a breeze to read and it will pick you up when you're feeling down! Also, I'm going to keep counting tiny little books as long as Nathan keeps counting his "graphic novels."

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