Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Pleasure of my Company by Steve Martin

This book had the same pros and voice as Martin's first book, but I was about halfway through it before I really got into it. That surprised me since I was completely focused from the first sentence of "Shopgirl". In the end, Daniel Cambridge won me over though. At first I thought he was retarded and I thought the way he rationalized his own actions would look completely crazy to anyone looking on. He even recognizes that what he does might seem crazy to people who don't understand the reasoning.

I think the story is basically one of an obsessive compulsive trying to find someone to love. I like that, because I've thought a lot about the idea of perspective, and how everyone's actions are reasonable from their own perspective and how when I am looking at someone and evaluating them, they are taking in information about me at the same time. I think the best thing about Steve Martin's writing is that he gives every persons perspective rationally, and treats it like any person would treat their own thoughts and ideas.

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Carlton said...

I may love this book even more than Shopgirl. I want to read them both again.
Steve Martin is a genius.