Friday, October 3, 2008

Paper Money by Ken Follett

Characters: Tony Cox, Mrs. Cox, Tim Fitzpeterson, Dizi Disney, Felix Laski, Arthur Cole, Kevin Hart, Derek and Ellen Hamilton, Deaf Willie, and Billy.

So, the book starts in the middle of the story, with politician Tim Fitzpeterson being set up to have an affair with Dizi Disney. He takes the bate, and the next morning Tony Cox comes to his door, and blackmails him in order to find out which company will be granted a licence to drill oil.

Every chapter until the midpoint of the book introduces a new character, and unfolds a little more of what is going on. Basically, some time back, these two losers, Tony and Felix, met up in a casino. They both boasted about being guys who could get any info they wanted, Tony through sex and Felix through money. So, they wanted to see which was more effective. Tony has to find out which company will be licenced to drill and Felix has to find out the route of an armored truck carrying over a million in cash.

They both get the info they are looking for, and when they exchange this information, Tony robs the truck and Felix buys the failing company, who's shares will sky rocket once the licence is released. Of course some mishaps happen along the way.

The newspaper is also having trouble getting a story, I guess nothing is happening today. But, everyone who is involved with this drama keeps calling the paper with a potential story, which they are unable to use until they verify it. Arthur Cole is the editor of the paper and Kevin Hart is the reporter. Kevin figures out what is going on, but he never gets proof enough to publish.

Mrs. Hamilton is having an affair with Felix. The thought of sleeping with her husband repulses her, but she wants to love him. So, she gives each man an ultimatum, Derek can sell the company and they will live happily ever after, or Felix can step it up and marry her and she will leave Derek.

During the robbery, Deaf Willie gets shot in the face. His handicapped son hears that Tony Cox did it. So, Billy walks to Tony's house to kill him. Tony isn't home, so Billy stabs his dog and mother to death instead.

In the end, it is Felix who buys Derek's company, because it is the one that gets the licence. He also purposes to Ellen, but since her husband sold the company, she decides to stay with him. The thing is, Felix doesn't actually have the money. But, he is inadvertently bailed out when Tony brings the million he stole to the bank Felix owns for safe keeping. Using the stolen funds, the men are able to pull off their scheme nicely, losing only the women in their lives.

This was a very crappy book.

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Brooke said...

I tried to read his book Pillars of the Earth and could not do it.
I don't get the hype about Follett.