Saturday, November 17, 2007

In Search of Captain Zero by Allan Weisbecker

A friend of mine who doesn't read much more than he has to once turned down a night buffoonery and drunken revelry to stay home and finish reading this book. So, I decided to pick up a copy. Good call.

Here's the premise. Weisbecker's old friend and surfing buddy Chris, aka Captain Zero, deserts his old life in the States and heads somewhere into Central America, cutting off all contact with his family and friends. Something like five years later, Weisbecker loads up his trailer and sets off along the Pacific in search of him.

It's more than just an account of his journey, it's a memoir. He inserts little tales from his past with Christopher. He talks about living in Hawaii during the advent of the short board. He describes a few failed attempts at running drugs from South America, and talks about growing up fishing off the far end of Long Island. He lets his personal philosophy bleed into all of the stories, and he really draws you into his worldview. Above all, it's entertaining. You'll probably find yourself wanting to do something slightly illegal and adventurous when you're finished.

As a side note, I think Nathan met Captain Zero in Costa Rica. Apparently he owns a book store somewhere near Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side.


colinsito said...

I live in Puerto Viejo and I can assure you he does not own a bookstore. He is a sad drug addict 1/2 step above living on the street.

Christopher said...

Well that... sucks.


Nihil Novum said...


Kelly Wilkinson said...

I wouldn't doubt it. That's how he was at the end of the book. I wonder what Nathan was talking about? If he ever posted again, maybe we could find out.

Geoffrey said...

I haven't read this one, but I just finished reading his follow up: "Can't you get along with anyone?" I started out liking it, the started becoming more and more annoyed. I stuck with it, though, because a friend of mine knew him. What a stunning disappointment. I don't usually get angry at authors (I mean, nobody made me read the whole thing), but this guy's picture has to appear next to the Collier's Illustrated Encyclopedia's entry for blowhard. A big thumbs down.