Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Atonement By Ian McEwan

My emotional reaction to and hatred for the main character of this book has made it nearly impossible for me to write a review on it. So, many weeks, maybe months late, here are my thoughts on “Atonement”.

The beginning of the story is like a beautiful painting. You can almost see the people talking and moving in their own worlds, unfortunately those worlds have to collide for their lives to continue. The thoughts and differing perspectives are woven together in a realistic way, identifiable in anyone’s life.

In spite of being tragic, book one reads very well. The flow and pace of the story are consistent. The style is easy and interesting. The following books read like a man on speed. They have an over all frame work that stops only periodically for a disjointed overdevelopment of some random scenario.

Overall I do think it is an interesting story, and maybe even a “good book”, just not one I fully appreciated as I should have.


Nihil Novum said...

Bruce Willis is dead the whole time.

Carlton said...

A ghost, if you will.