Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Scavenger Hunt by Christopher Pike

Scavenger Hunt is, at its core, a tale about the human condition. As the characters in the novel battle their own demons, we are encouraged to look inside ourselves identify our own, and then to vicariously face them along with our heroes in the book. As Carl slowly drifts away from his never-to-requited feelings for Cessy, Tracie's character arc is a direct counterpoint, following her character as a series of horrific misadventures slowly pull them together. Rick, a promising young child with a disease that is slowly killing him, nevertheless represents the eventual triumph of the human condition, recalling Stephen, the first Christian martyr in his unflinching and hopeful outlook even as * spoiler * his flesh and bones are dissolved in a pool of acid. * end spoiler *

Anyway, I read this book in about an hour and can't remember hardly anything about it. It's great. Seek it out.

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Carlton said...

Way to find the cover!