Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Revival We Need by Oswald J. Smith

This is the first of two books I'm posting that I've read during my daily devotions, although this one fits more snugly into the category of devotional literature than The Screwtape Letters (the second).

It's not a particularly easy book to review, since, divorced from the context of devotional literature, it probably doesn't sound particularly interesting. It was written in the early 30s, and is essentially a chronicle of the author's desire to see a fresh movement of God in his church. The opening chapters of the book are a bit more general, focusing on the steps that Christians should take to ensure revival. These include the expected steps of prayer, fasting, and self-examination. There are also many quotes from the biographies of various revivalists such as Charles Finney and John Smith. The second half of the book is a collection of entries from author Oswald J. Smith's journal, detailing his own experiences following the guidelines he sets down in the first half.

As devotional literature, I found it inspiring. In addition, there is some historical interest in it as well, although if you're interested in the early revival movements in the United States, there are books that go far more in depth.


Carlton said...

All the time that you spent reading this book should have been spent praying for your future.

Nihil Novum said...

As if the two are mutually exclusive, jackass.