Sunday, December 11, 2016

Carry this Book by Abbi Jaconson

You are what you carry.

Abbi Jacobson's Carry This Book with You is ridiculously fantastic. In it, Jacobson imagines the contents of the bags of a variety of celebrities (current and historical) and draws them in life-size, cartoonish detail. The marker strokes are visible and she annotates particularly funny or concerning details, sometimes entering into long annotation conversations with herself, like this one about Indiana Jones' whip:
I'm not a "bull whip" kinda gal, but...I'd make an exception.
Yes I am flirting sort of through this fictional book with Indiana Jones.
Okay it's not a completely crazy idea, me + Indy.
Indy + I
Okay I'm done.
Let's just say I have a few "bull-like" qualities.
I'm grossing myself out now...but I'd be down. 
None of the drawings are labeled, so part of the fun is deciphering each one from clues (tiny gloves, several brands of self tanner, and a copy of Building Walls for Dummies belong to...). There's an index at the back in case you get really stuck.

Scattered throughout are the contents of Jacobson's own travel toiletry kit, purse, and life as well as a few pages with pictures of the drafts in progress that I especially loved. This is the kind of book that I've imagined in my head (I'm sure you have too) and never would sit down to actually draw. It's what you were daydreaming about (and probably doodling) in high school English, but in real life book form. It's funny--I snorted (and laughed) aloud several times-- and Jacobson's drawings are accessible and relatable. She even leaves in a few crossed-out or drawn over mistakes to show her own humanity (Stars: they're just like us! Their markers run out of ink too!). 

My favorite is this one. Further proof that Leslie Knope and I are the same person! I, too, carry around reminders to go to Papersource, meditate with my husband, and a Joe Biden quotebook. 

I loved this. It may or may not qualify as a book, but it says book in the title so I counted it. Everyone should go buy it for all the Broad City fans on their lists (or fans of Michael Jordan, RBG, or Oprah, among many others.).

Nerdy teacher side note: This would be a great creative extra project after reading a novel: draw (or just list) the contents of a character's bag. What do they carry with them everywhere? Why? What does this show about them. We're reading The Road next, so lots of creepy potential there. uhn

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