Tuesday, January 29, 2013

BabyLit and the Human Condition

This isn't targeted at most of our readership/writership at all, but if you have kids and love literature, you'll probably like BabyLit. They use classics like Jane Eyre, Dracula, and Pride and Prejudice to teach counting, colors, and letters. And the classics aren't just window dressing either--the books barely make sense if you're not familiar with the source material--for example, Dracula ends with "10 garlic necklaces".

Anyway, not a paid endorsement, just someone with a baby girl who needs some Austen in her life.


Brittany said...

Holy goodness I need this for the little almostnephew and almostniece in my life.

Is there a suggested age range? As a nonparent teacher of much older kids I have no idea what's appropriate for who (for example, I once bought Where the Wild Things Are for a newborn. But hey, he's three now and loves it)

Brent Waggoner said...

They are for little kids--newborn to 1 or 2, probably--but I love them and I'm 29. :)

Brittany said...

Totally bought Dracula and Pride and Prejudice for the littlies, and now I totally want the whole set for myself!