Friday, July 3, 2009

The King of Torts by John Grisham

I'm getting tired of Grisham. I only read this one because I got it for 75 cents at the library. He must have had a bad experience at a big firm, because he is constantly writing the "young lawyer makes it big in corporate/personal injury law and then hubris sets in and he gets screwed" story. This one wasn't too bad; it was quick and accurately portrayed the settle first at almost any cost environment that pervades most civil suits these days. There were only a couple of places where I thought, "ok, that's completely ridiculous." and they were easy to get past, so I guess that's good. So yeah, I don't 100% agree with the guy who wrote "Of the 13 Grishams I've read so far this is the first one I didn't enjoy" in the front cover (for two reasons: I've read Grishams that I don't enjoy and because this one wasn't too bad, though that's probably because I have such low expectations for him at this point). If you ever find yourself with a day or two to kill and you're trying to pad your stats for some kind of book reading blog, then pick this one up. Otherwise you probably don't need to.


Nihil Novum said...

What ones don't you like? Summons and The Street Lawyer were both pretty bad for me.

Christopher said...

This book sounds tortemious.

rohit said...
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