Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Dog Among Diplomats by J. F. Englert

Randolph and his owner (Harry) become embroiled in an international plot that involves Imogen, Randolph's real owner, and Harry's missing fiance. The story is told from the perspective of Randolph, which adds to the novel's charm. J. F. Englert has a good grasp on canine behavior. His weird little insights into doggy world are enjoyable. Englert is also a good writer with a good sense of humor. Also, this book has a chapter titled, "Liverwurst Is Discovered to Be a Glorious Food."

Read my review of A Dog about Town, to which this book is a sequel if you want to find out more about the characters and the overarching storyline. I enjoyed the first book a lot. This one was just okay. The plot was a little sloppy at points. But it was still an enjoyable read.

I have been trying to come up with alliterative ways to describe Randolph, a murder-solving black Labrador. All I could come up with is:
Doggy Detective
Murder-solving Mutt (although he is not technically a mutt)
Querying Quadruped


Nihil Novum said...

Harbinger Hound

Carlton said...

Puppy Poirot

Anonymous said...

canny canine

Carlton said...


It's not alliterative, but I like CSI Lab.

Eleanor said...
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Eleanor said...

I'm helping J.F. Englert out with PR for this book, and it's interesting that the reactions I get are quite mixed--some people really prefer the first book and some people really prefer the second book..
The third book, A Dog At Sea, should be out April/May 2009.

Another blog recently hosted a Q&A with the author that gives some insight into the writing - http://from-my-bookshelf.blogspot.com/2008/06/chat-with-jf-englert-author-of-dog.html

Christopher said...

So this is basically like Blue's Clues, right?