Friday, March 19, 2010

Push by Sapphire

I always did like school, jus' seem school never did like me.

Push is the story of an African American teenager growing up in Harlem in the 1980s. "Growing up" may give you the wrong impression, because Claireece Precious Jones' adolescence bears almost no resemblance to what most people experience.

After being kicked out of school because she got pregnant, Precious finds herself in an alternative school, with a teacher who genuinely cares about her. Precious begins to take pride in herself, and her life begins to change. That's not to say that things get easy, but they do get better.

This brutal, unflinching story is told from the perspective of the main character. Sapphire does a excellent job of capturing the spirit of this girl who has been uncared for and abused most of her young life. I thought the way she chose to end the book was a little odd, but overall I enjoyed it.

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Nihil Novum said...

At first, I didn't think you tagged this author in this post.