Friday, July 2, 2010

Keesha's House / Return of the King / Stop Pretending

Keesha's House - Helen Frost
Written in poetic forms (sonnets and sestinas), Keesha's House takes the reader into the lives and thoughts of hurting teenagers and those around them. This book explores young adults dealing with issues such as teen pregnancy, homelessness, sexual abuse, and neglectful parents. It is the perfect read for any teenager, or adult who works directly with teens.

Return of the King - J. R. R. Tolkien
Last in the Lord of the Rings series, Return of the King ends the epic tale of Frodo Baggins' quest to destroy the Ring of Power. While not a thin book, Tolkien's word choice aids suspense to the tale making it an easier read. (Chris's Review, Jim's Review)

Stop Pretending - Sonya Sones
This autobiographical book conveys the feelings and thoughts of a young girl when her older sister suffers from a nervous breakdown and is placed in an asylum. Each chapter, written in poetic form, is configured as if it were a journal entry. While banned in many schools across the United States, this book is a great tool to help children and young adults learn about mental illness, and help them take a step closer to breaking down the walls of fear. (Brooke's Review)