Thursday, June 10, 2010

Join Our Facebook Group!

Fifty Books participant and Beard-Grower extraordinaire Josh has started a Facebook group for the Fifty Books Project. We'll be trying our best to keep it updated with the latest reviews and changes to the blog, so if you're on Facebook and want an easy way to follow us, go here:

Fifty Books Project Facebook Group

And thanks again to everyone who is helping make this project a success!


Carlton Farmer said...


Christy said...

Question (that has probably been asked before, and I apologize for my repetition): how does one get involved in this project? I've been aiming for 100 for the past three years, but since I've only read 28 books thus far and we're halfway through June... I'm trying to be slightly more realistic.

Brent Waggoner said...

Christy: If you're interested in participating, just let Chris or I know. You can send either one of us your email address through Facebook and we'll add you.

Btw, 28 books in mid-June is slightly ahead of schedule--it seems like you're right on track.

Christy said...

Thanks! And yes, I'm on track for fifty, but unfortunately behind by twenty-two for one hundred.

Christopher said...

Wait, wait. I don't think I can support adding someone who has MORE books than I do.