Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner

In her book In Her Shoes Weiner addressed the complicated relationship of sisterhood, with its jealousy, fights, gossip and good times. Three years later, in her book Goodnight Nobody Weiner succeeded in making several stereotypical characters lead pointless lives.

Kate Klein moves to London to stay with her mother after an embarrassing incident with her crush. While returning home one year later, Kate meets her future husband, is quickly married and a mere four years later finds herself a miss-fit mother of three trying to survive in suburban Uptown, Connecticut.

Kate alienates herself further from both her husband and her peers by determining to solve the murder of a local mom. This intrigue leads her to discover that everyone has a secret, however boring or over the top these secrets may be.

Goodnight Nobody is a dramatic change from Weiner's typical writing style. While usually at her best when writing about relationships, Goodnight Nobody allows both of Kate's romantic interests to fall flat, undeveloped. Far too many things are left unresolved in this clunky mystery, with annoying characters, and a disjointed plot. Weiner's strange attempt at a new genre leads us to hope that she will leave the mystery writing to others in the future.

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