Monday, January 28, 2008

Relic by Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child

Relic by Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child A novel hailed by Chris Strube as being, “better than Jurassic Park.” Of course Jurassic Park wasn’t much.

Anyhoo, back on task…Somewhere in the New York Natural Museum of History a three clawed creature lurks. Could it be a legendary Rodent of Unusual Size, abandoned by it‘s owners, forced to forge for life in the filthy under-places of New York City? Perhaps it’s alligator flushed away to reside in the sewers. Perhaps when left to it‘s own devices it became what it always dreaded, a second rate beast in a crappy paper back edition, found in the local Wal-Mart, for 7.99+tax. Whatever this creature maybe, it unscrupulously disembowels and removes the thalamus and hypothalamus, of it’s victims. From small children, security guards and so on up the social ladder no one is safe. This monster must be stopped, it’s giving the museum bad publicity.

It is up to Miss Margo Green and her wheel-chair bounded doctorate advisor, a smart mouth cop and an unorthodox FBI investigator to get to the bottom of this mystery. If they make it in time they’ll get a major motion picture with signed contracts and deals all around.

So this book, wasn’t that great or especially intriguing. For those of you concerned it’s not a ROUS or an embittered alligator. It’s not even a dinosaur, for which I was un-endingly thankful. I guess the thing about this novel is after reading a great deal of Michael Crichton and seeing a few sci-fi-ish type movies, this novel was pretty much a stereotypical disaster and rescue type of thing. The real intrigue is in the last chapter but by the time I reached it, I was so entrenched in the same survival plot, of all the precedent books that the ending was anti-climatic at best.


Carlton said...

This sounds kind of bizarre.

C. Aka: Christine, Celly, Crooke, or Crent said...

If you can read the outrageous world of Critchton you can read Relic.