Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mrs. Pollifax and the Lion Killer by Dorothy Gilman

Mrs. Pollifax is a delightful old lady/spy. Yes, that is a contrdiction in my mind as well, and even more so knowing that she was already sixty when she got the job. Unlikely as it is, that stories of Mrs Pollifax are funny and complex.

In this latest adventure Mrs. Pollifax is the protector of Kadi, the daughter of deceased missionaries to Ubangiba. Kadi was taken from her country after her parents were murdered in their mission station. Now she must return, and to keep their identites secret, the murders are now set on ending Kadi's life.

I always enjoy reading Mrs. Pollifax. While it is light and amusing reading it is not a children's book. I think Gilman has a style that is more comedic than you find in other mystery novels.

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